The 13th Doctor Has Been Revealed

For the past several months, rumors have been a flurry about who will become the 13th Doctor in the long-running series, Doctor Who. The internet has been beset by rumors from Tom Hiddleston to Hayley Atwell would be playing the title character. For a short time there were rumors that Idris Elba would be taking on the role, causing the heads of white-racists to explode. While introducing a female Master during Steven Moffat’s tenure, it seems misogynist will have something new to complain about with the announcement of a female doctor coming this Christmas.

As you could see in the Twitter video at the top, Jodie Whittaker will be taking on the mantle of the 13th Doctor after Peter Capaldi regenerates in the upcoming Christmas episode. While many people in the States would not recognize her, she is quite known for her roles in Attack the Block, Black Mirror and most notable Broadchurch.

ironically enough, Chris Chibnall is taking over as showrunner in the new season, he is also the creator and showrunner for Broadchurch, which must have helped landing her the job. Of course, this announcement should not be considered her apparel for the series, but this announcement is a lot smaller tone than the announcement of Capaldi some four years ago.

While many people will blame diversification for the need for a female Doctor, the truth remains that men have had control of this character for over 50 years, and after the success of Wonder Woman, I think it is high time females had another bad ass character to look up to. Although, those female versions of them male Doctors do have me questioning some sort of way.


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