1Password Extension Finally Comes to Edge

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Determining what browser to use on your computer is incredibly tough. Chrome is the most perferred but it is very resource heavy. Firefox is better but sometimes it hates working. Opera is really good but it is not for everyone. Unfortunately, what is usually missing from the list is Edge. Microsoft’s latest attempt to revive the dormant Internet Explorer market. Only recently did it start supporting extensions. As of now, it is supporting 1Password extension.

For the longest time, LastPass was the only real password manager extension available on Edge. It was available a year ago in a preview for Insiders. According to Engadget, the extension was approved on October 3rd. LastPass has had some issues with hackers in the past year and some other issues. Many people have moved away from it. At least, users have an option.

If you are using Edge, it will work like many other extensions. Once downloaded and installed, it will appear in the upper right hand corner of the browser. One little point of fact, for Edge users, you will need to install 1Password for Windows 6.7+ before you can add the extension. Of course, Microsoft has to make you jump through a hoop to use it.

Microsoft Edge has been a long and slow browser to meet basic internet needs. When it was launched alongside Windows 10, it was still in beta. No extensions were available and its user interface (UI) was very user unfriendly. In the last year, it has made some moves into the positives. Extensions became available but not many. However, if they could work on that video crashing issue we discussed in our podcast, we may use it again. Eventually.