512 GB MicroSD Card Coming For Nintendo Switch

A major complaint given to the Nintendo Switch was the limited amount of space on the console’s hard drive. Many said that it couldn’t handle the updates to the console, much less any game. However, they supported microSD card support, which is cool. Although what players encountered on the limited space of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, finding the adequate amount of space at a livable price is a challenge. If space is what you need, Integral has released a microSD card for you.

Integral Memory announced the largest capacity memory card at 512GB. Some of you older readers may be confused with the old 512MB ram speed you use to get on those late 90’s e-machines. This is half a terabyte. It manages to beat out the previous record holder of SanDisk’s 400GB. However, it seems that the SanDisk card is a bit faster at 100 MB/s, while Integral is clocking in at 80 MB/s.

While is this such a big deal? The new card, according to GameSpot, is classified as the SDXC UHS-I U1 format. In plain English, that means it can capture full HD videos from cameras, oh and it can be used on the Nintendo Switch. FTW.

According to the site, they estimate that you can download all the games in their library and still have roughly about 50 GB to spare. That is pretty slick. Now, we know you guys and there is not one person out there that would need their whole entire library. All we really want to know is if can handle all the Mario titles we want. That answer is a fat yes.

The only downside is that we have no idea about the price. That was much like the 400GB microSD card when it was announced. It is currently running $240 on Amazon, which is not entirely bad. So you can imagine that the price will be around that price point. Obviously, prices on microSD cards, and other external storage devices are dropping all the time. I just wonder how long it will be before we get that 1TB microSD card?