About Us

The Lazy Geeks began back in 2010. The original idea for the site was a podcast. The Lazy Geeks Podcast began in October of 2010 and the site was created to showcase the podcast. Since then, we grew from one show to multiple shows with various topics.

As we began our seventh season this past October, we decided to get back to basics. Not only are we continuing our original Lazy Geeks Podcast, but the other shows are dedicated to our other joys – movies and Star Trek.

We discuss anything geek: movies, TV, tech, comics, gaming and some random retro stuff. We talk about topics that interest us and take the fanboy out of the news you see online. We give you solid and logical reasons to whether you should be concern or forget the news you read.

The Lazy Geeks Network consists of:

The Lazy Geeks Podcast – weekly news show that focuses on the news that interest us in the world of movies, tv, gaming, comics and tech.

Just Another Podcast – is our monthly show that is about whatever we want to talk about.

The Away Team – is our bi-weeky podcast that recaps each episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a bit of a twist. Some say we change the way you look at those episodes.

The Cheap Seats – our monthly movie review podcast that focus on movies that are available somewhere.


Contact Info:

Steven Vargas – steven@thelazygeeks.com

Adam Rileyadam@thelazygeeks.com


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