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In October of 2010. Steven Vargas and Adam Riley came up with the idea for The Lazy Geeks to start a podcast to discuss geek news that they enjoyed. So many of the podcasts, at the time, always discussed the traditional hype and rumor news that litter the internet. Developing The Lazy Geeks was to discuss news that interest them and take the hype away for real news and dispel rumors.

Since then, The Lazy Geeks have made changes for the show and added some news articles on their website. In 2017, after six and a half years of podcasts and news articles, they guys hit the reset button. Getting back into their original mission statement for the podcasts and only deal with news that is cool.

A few years back, The Lazy Geeks expanded their podcast network to various other topics, which became The Lazy Geeks Network. For the last couple of years, they have set on a monthly format for second weekly shows.

The Lazy Geeks Podcast

The original Lazy Geeks Podcast has remained the staple weekly show that covers geek news from around the internet that interest them, without the fan boy hysterics and rumors.

The Lazy Geeks Secondary Shows

Just Another Podcast

Just Another Podcast is a monthly discussion podcast that debuts the first Friday of every month. The freeform format has multiple topics ranging from being an aging geek with family, job and a life to discussing and examining pop culture.

The Away Team


The Away Team is a Star Trek: The Next Generation recap podcast that discusses each episode in order with a slanted take on the series. This podcast offers insight, humor and real-world takes on each episode. These episodes drop on the second and fourth Friday of the month.

The Cheap Seats

The Cheap Seats is their movie discussion podcast. They take each year starting from 1977 and examine movies that define pop culture for each year. Starting in 2018, each year will focus on a single year in film. Starting in January, the will begin discussing movies from the year 1980. These episodes will debut on the third Friday of each month.



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Steven Vargas – steven@thelazygeeks.com

Adam Rileyadam@thelazygeeks.com


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