About Us

The Lazy Geeks began in 2010. It originally launched with a single podcast The Lazy Geeks Podcast that discussed the big news in entertainment, gaming, comics, and technology for the past week. Seven years and nearly 300 episodes later, The Lazy Geeks Podcast is going strong. We offer news without the hype and fanboy fantasies that plague the internet as of late.

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Since out launch, we have had multiple shows that accompany our weekly show. As we approach 2018, we are making some changes to the line-up of the network. Instead of our rotating shows that are released on Friday, we are offering one show from bi-weekly to weekly.

The Away Team is our podcast series that recaps each episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a bit of a twist. That series was offered twice a month and will now be promoted to weekly. Based on several factors, we have decided to drop Just Another Podcast and The Cheap Seats from our line-up.

Without introduction of minisodes earlier this year with recaps of Star Trek: Discovery, we could resurrect a show from time-to-time as a minisode for something that would not fit in the main shows line-up.

We will continue to offer news from the past week in our Lazy Geeks Podcast every Monday and The Away Team every Friday. This is a major change in our format, but we hope you will come with us on that journey.

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