Action Comics #1000 Brings The Red Trunks Back

Regardless of which side of the argument you are on, the red trunks are coming back. It was announced last week that Action Comics #1000 will introduce a new Jim Lee-designed Man of Steel costume. In simpler language, Superman is getting the red trunks again. The new-retro look manages to pull together a number of elements from the different costumes over the last eighty years.

Since the launch of the “New 52” storyline back in January of 2011, Superman debuted with a completely revamped costumer, which excluded the iconic red trunks. At the time, critics were happy as they complained that the trunks looked silly on the character. Unfortunately, many of those critics simply had way too much time on their hands.

During the ‘Rebirth’ series, it was learned that the Superman that had died was not the iconic character that had existed prior to the Flashpoint series. Still with me? It is a bit confusing but that’s what its like when you follow the DC continuity. Flashpoint was designed to clean up the complex continuity, but it actually made it more complex in hindsight.

However, ‘Rebirth’ led to the ‘Superman Reborn’ storyline where the two previous versions of Superman merged into one. This was a gimmick that DC was using to finally combine the rich continuity that existed pre-Flashpoint into the 52 universe. What does this have to do with Superman’s red trunks? Not much, but a lot has happened to the character between the removal of the trunks to now.

The argument between whether Superman should have the trunks has been silly. As iconic has the costume is, one thing is certain: fans don’t know what they want. With the oldest comic, Action Comics, hitting a major milestone, it is the opportune time to introduce a revamped costume. Not only that, it is the comic that introduced the world to the Man of Steel. For one, it is nice to see the classic design make a return.