All The Money In The World Moves To Christmas Day Release

No one can ever say that director Ridley Scott is not good. Regardless of how his recent faire has turned out, but he managed to pull off something crazy. Shortly after the Kevin Spacey sexual assault scandal broke, Scott recast Spacey’s character and reshot those scenes from All The Money In The World. Not only that, Scott claimed he would make the previously slates release date.

Deadline reported on Wednesday that Scott had locked the film. However, they have delayed the release of the film by three days. The original release date was December 20th, but was moved to Christmas Day. According to the site, the decision was made to give some space between Hugh Jackman’s The Greatest Showman. Not to mention, Christmas Day is the biggest movie viewing day.

The site supplied some more details into the last-minute production reshoot. Upon cast Christopher Plummer in the role on November 8th, Scott did his reshoots on Thanksgiving week. Reshoots were done with Plummer, Michelle Williams, and Mark Wahlberg. They managed to lock the film last week right before Plummer’s 80th birthday.

He had it ready to screen last Monday for members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in New York and Los Angeles, before they voted on Golden Globes nominations. Last week, Sony released the revised trailer that featured more of Plummer in the film than the original featured of Spacey. With this major change, will it inspire you to see the film?