Amadeus Cho Heading To Planet Hulk

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In Generations: Banner Hulk & the Totally Awesome Hulk one-shot will have Amadeus and Bruce Banner meet face-to-face. However, this fall, Amadeus will be transported to a place where Banner Hulk has some major victories and defeats: planet Sakaar.

In October, writer Greg Pak and Greg Land will not only be bringing back the series to its original title Incredible Hulk and pick up the series’ original numbering scheme with #709, but they will kick off the new arc with “Return to Planet Hulk.”

“It’s a huge thrill to dig back into “Planet Hulk!” I also wrote the “Planet Hulk” prose novel that comes out in October, so I’ve had “Planet Hulk” on my mind and in my heart quite a lot this year,” Pak told CBR. “But of course with the “Return to Planet Hulk” story that starts with Incredible Hulk #709, we’re going to shake things up a bit and do something different from the original storyline.”

“Folks who loved the original “Planet Hulk” should get a kick out of the new things we’re revealing here — throughout the original “Planet Hulk” storyline, various characters talked about the Red King’s war on Fillia. This new story takes place in Fillia, a continent away from the Red King’s domain in the original “Planet Hulk” story. It’s a shattered land, devastated by the Red King’s air war, where survivors roam the landscape in packs on jerry-rigged, motorized death machines. We’re introducing a brand new antagonist and a twisted religious culture based on the old Sakaarian holy stories of the Worldbreaker. It’s weird and disturbing and a huge amount of fun — dontcha dare miss it!”

“I can’t reveal too much for fear of spoilers, but Amadeus follows a call for help, gets pulled through the Great Portal, and ends up fighting in the deadly arena the locals call the Gauntlet,” Pak says when asked about the circumstances that brings Amadeus to Sakaar. “He’s not just fighting for himself, though — he’s fighting for an entire clan. And whether or not he can channel the power of the Worldbreaker may determine whether the innocents around him live or die. It’s a hugely high stakes story that goes to the heart of Amadeus’s ongoing struggle with the monster within.”

“Aaaaand YES, we will see another huge Marvel Universe character play a big role as the story progresses — buy ’em all and see who!” Pak concludes with this tease,” if you’re interested in Amadeus’s big emotional story arc, you definitely don’t want to miss Totally Awesome Hulk #23, which sets up the “Return to Planet Hulk” story and digs very deep into Amadeus’s current struggle.”

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