Amazon Announced Their New Fire TV

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Amazon announced their new Fire TV on Wednesday. Timing is curious as Apple released their latest Apple TV 4K and its current 4K omission, Amazon shows off their cheaper and smaller device. Their new Fire TV will come with HDR and 4K capabilities. More than half the cost of the Apple TV, the new Fire TV will run you $69.99.

The redesigned Fire TV is a small flat square dongle with an HDMI cable sticking out. This version will come with an Alexa voice remote, like the previous version. It is not the most elegant device as you connect the device to your television and the device simply hangs there.

Previously, the Fire TV did support 4K but now it will play 60 frames per second. However, it does add HDR (hugh dynamic range). It has chosen to support HDR10 but not Dolby Vision for HDR playback.  The device offers Dolby Atmos integration, which is the reverse from Apple TV.

The new Fire TV is powered by a 1.5Ghz quad-core processor and has access to tens of thousands of apps and Alexa skills; if you don’t want to bother with the remote, you can also pair the Fire TV with an Echo device in your home to control it with just your voice at any time.

Recently, Apple had lower the price of 4K rentals and purchases to counter Apple’s move. The new Fire TV is currently available for preorder and will ship on October 25th. Right now, you can buy a bundled Fire TV and Echo Dot for $80, or a Fire TV Stick and an Echo Dot for $60.