Amazon Not Delivering Nintendo Switch Consoles As Promised

Remember the days when you can order something and you go to the store to pick it up. Well, since the advent of sites like Amazon, many people want to order things and go on with their lives and have the item waiting for them when they get home. Unfortunately, when you ordered a Nintendo Switch from Amazon, you may not have received it as promised. Don’t worry because you were not the only one.

Reports were emerging early Friday that many people were not receiving their Switch consoles as promised. Not only were they not receiving the unit that was pre-ordered in January and confirmed to get launch-day delivery, Amazon made the situation worse by not offering people an explanation as to why the console wasn’t coming on time.

Nothing is more irritating than being promised something and having the rug pulled out from under you. Many were promised that they would receive the console on the 3rd by 8 pm but some were getting updated times as 8 pm by the 4th without explanation.

I recently had an issue with Amazon in regards to a two-day delivery that did not arrive as promised. All I received from Amazon was a sorry. No explanation as to why the shipment did not end up at my door until a week after I ordered it. Even went after Amazon for an explanation and all I received was a sorry message. According to their site, it was enroute and suddenly it was no longer arriving. Did the truck disappear? Is there a missing person’s report on the driver? Just something.

Amazon using the Apple approach in regards to these unexplained delays allows many people to speculate: either Nintendo didn’t ship the consoles until the very last minute or something on Amazon’s side screwed everything up. Either case, it does not look well for both.

However, if you ordered your Switch and received it, hope you are enjoying it. If you have not, you are not the only ones that have not. That should not really make you feel better but misery does love company.

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