Apple Purchases, Site to Shutdown

Remember there was a time when normal people would buy up domains for every conceivable idea they could, in hopes that the owner of that company would come along and make people millionaires in order to obtain their domains. For short while that was true, then some companies decided to sue for ownership of the domain and won. However, some random domain dealing with iCloud was still outstanding.

Many people do use the domain suffix .net, if for some reason .com is unavailable. When it gets sad is when you have to buy .info or even .org. Well, as of recently, Apple purchased the last remaining iCloud domain that didn’t belong to them. was a small Chinese social network that started back in 2011. AppleInsider reports that Apple purchased the domain for a pawltry $1.5 million. Due to the fact that the network no longer has a home, the Chinese company announced that they will be shutting their service down on March 1st.

There is still no word as to why, after seven years, Apple would pick up the domain. The site does refer to rumors that Apple may be trying to use the domain for their heavily rumored video and image sharing app. It is rumored to be Apple’s version of a SnapChat service. Whatever the reason, the social network is no longer active and all data associated with the site will be expunged on Mar. 1.

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