Apple Being Sued Over Some Apple TV Features

Nearly two years ago, Apple announced a new feature that was introduced to their new Apple TV which was designed to stop those moment when you couldn’t catch a piece of dialogue because the background was so loud or someone would not stop asking questions about the movie. The “what did she say” option would allow Siri to go back 15 seconds and enable captions temporarily .

As usually what happens when a company releases a new feature, there is someone out there that claims they had already patent that concept. Normally these sorts of claim are the realm of patent trolls. People or small organizations that patent concepts but never actually produce the product. Thus when someone like an Apple, Amazon, Google do, they slap them with a lawsuit that claims we demand money because you stole our idea.

Now this company CustomPlay may not be one of those companies. According to AppleInsider, it seems that they were looking to license its companion app technology to Apple TV more than a year before Apple revealed the fourth-generation Apple TV. However, their affiliate is Nissim Corp, who has filed lawsuits against many big studios due to an infringement on seven patents related to DVD technology, which included Apple.

The patent files dates back to 1998 and seems to include the “What did she say” feature. According to court records, CustomPlay tried on multiple occasions to negotiate with Apple for a license or business partnership but Apple did not respond.

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