Apple Tries To Reduce Bloatware From iTunes

If you have ever owned an iOS device, then you know the biggest pain: syncing with your computer. Many people will complain on how bloated Facebook is getting, especially when they tried to reduce the app by spinning off a few functions into their own apps. This doesn’t help matter but Apple has always remained the same. If you wanted to customize ringtones or syncing apps. As of Tuesday, Apple has quietly taken that away.

With the release of iTunes version 12.7, for both Windows and macOS, you will be able to do those functions without tethering yourself to your computer.  It no longer will give you the option for syncing apps or ringtones to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

“If you previously used iTunes to sync apps or ringtones on your iOS device, use the new App Store or Sounds Settings on iOS to redownload them without your Mac,” Apple tells users in the update prompt, according to The Verge. The update, also, states that if apps and ringtones “are no longer available for redownload”, you can sync them by plugging in your iOS device.

It seems that the duplicate iOS App Store, which was part of iTunes, has been removed. Now, that is not to say that many people have been using computer syncing. Personally, I would manually sync my digital comics into my iPad, but I started saving them to my OneDrive, which downloads them to the device without having to sync. Such a time saver. In fact, I have completely removed iTunes from my PC entirely.

Some other functions have been moved around. iTunes U is now included in the Podcast section of the app. Radio stations have been moved into the music library sidebar. You can get the update for your iOS devices now. It should already be waiting for you to install it now.

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