Apple TV 4K Trying For $20 4K Movies

Depending on how old you are, some of you may remember when iTunes songs were only 99 cents. That was the utopia Apple sold us on when they released iTunes to combat piracy. However, with the greed of record companies, it seems that utopia was short-lived. It would seem that the 4K utopia that Apple has for their new 4K Apple TV may not come to fruition, according to the latest report from The Wall Street Journal.

In recent years, Apple TV has been losing their market-share due to the fact that their inexpensive counterparts are making their way into consumer’s homes. Apple has been trying to negotiate with Hollywood to offer $20 for 4K movies. Unfortunately, it would seem that the major studios are looking for $5 to $10 more.

The biggest issue that stymies the issue is the fact that Apple already sells HD films for $15 and $20 for some higher profiled titles. Since they offer that, why would that offer a lower price on a high technology? Apple’s thinking could be that 4K is having some difficulty moving in consumer’s home and a lower price would encourage people to view the new technology.

One of Apple’s chief competitors, Vudu, has been selling UHD titles for a while now, which are usually priced between $25 to $30. Much like Apple, their set up allows them to log into their account and have access to any device that has a Vudu app. It is downloadable on any mobile device to smart TV to recently Apple TV. They could try and take some of that market away if they offer a lower price.

While studios know that Apple has an endless supply stream, it would be hard pressed to find people that would spend $30 for a digital release when they could simply go to a retailer and purchase a physical copy for that price. A personal threshold is no more than $23 for a Blu-ray, since I don’t see any current value in 4K as of yet. This could be a dream Apple may not be able to realize.



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