Apple Will Not Offer Violence or Nudity On Their Shows

With many media curating services out there, many of them are attempting to supplement their sites with original programming. Apple is expecting to do that as well with their own video content. While many services allow such freedom: usage of ‘F’ bombs, nudity, violence and other such things. Even Marvel is using Netflix to bring their envisioned Punisher to the small box, even Star Trek: Discovery dropped an ‘F’ bomb. Apple will not provide such imagery.

Apple is attempting to curb the growth of edgy, adult content by offering more wider audience appeal. In essence, what you would see on network television. They wish to focus their content on comedies and dramas like This Is Us and Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories reboot. This would explain the delay of their highly publicized Carpool Karaoke series for Apple Music earlier this year.

Apple Users Sensitive Against “Too Raunchy”

It appears that Tim Cook delayed the release of the series to remove “foul language and references to vaginal hygiene” from some episodes. Recode reports that one of the episodes featured Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton having a conversation that Cook considered “too raunchy” for Apple viewers. The episode almost did not air but ultimately the content was edited and eventually made to air.

However, Apple will not make the same mistake as it did before. They will not air any of their original television content on Apple Music. This move makes sense. If you are offering a streaming service, why give it away on a music service. If Apple viewers are sensitive to overtly sexualize jokes by Chelsea Handler, they are not above paying multiple times for various content. That would be the context that we are getting from Cook.

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