Apple’s New iPhone May Be iPhone X

With the Apple event slated for tomorrow, over the weekend rumors about the upcoming iPhone, which has been labeled the iPhone 8 would indicate that they not be completely accurate. A number of leaks have been coming out about the hardware and features, many of which may or may not be true. However, according to their latest firmware, the new iPhone may be named to commemorate their tenth anniversary.

iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has discovered references to iPhone X that are linked directly to the D22 codename with a bezel-less display, according to The Verge. Also discovered in the firmware, the firmware references a separate iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

It would seem that Apple may be dropping the traditional “S” line that they have been nurturing for quite some time. Again, take this with a grain of salt. However, it is the final iOS 11 firmware, so that could give the rumor some legitimacy.

The reference to the iPhone X would be linked to the tenth anniversary of the device and would be the rumored top-tiered device that may run you $1000.

Now, there are still rumors that the device (meaning the X) would be delayed due to OLED shortages and some Touch ID issued that pushed the device’s release. Again, all of this is still a rumor as we will have to wait until tomorrow to see what Apple announces. Until then, it is all just rumor. But a damn good rumor.

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