Apple’s New iPhone Might Be Delayed After All

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Rumors on the internet is about as certain of a pairing as peanut butter and jelly. For months now, it seems that rumors about a delayed iPhone may have been completely unfounded. Hard to believe a rumor on the internet would be false. During an earning call on Tuesday, it seems that a subtle comment may have put that rumor to bed.

According to The Verge, Apple claims that they expect to see a jump in revenue from $49 billion in the next quarter to $52 billion. The quarter runs through September 30th, which would give some indication that a new iPhone will drop during that time. September is usually the normal time a new iPhone is dropped on the market.

Tim Cook even indicated that this will be a “very exciting Fall.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that a completely redesigned iPhone will make it to the market. It is quite likely, regardless of what the internet says, that they could release a iPhone 7S and eventually release an iPhone 8 around the holidays.

We should see a traditional event for Apple in early September and release of the device shortly after. So that means sometime this month we should see those Apple invites making their rounds and the internet will be denied once again.

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