AT&T Offers Unlimited Data But It Will Be Expensive

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AT&T has always made it clear that they hate their customers. They hate their customers, especially when it comes to unlimited data. Their old CEO said that their biggest mistake when starting with mobile devices was offering unlimited data. After the acquisition of DirecTV, they offered unlimited data to those customers that had AT&T mobile service and DirecTV cable service. Now, they join everyone else with the return of unlimited data for all.

On Thursday, AT&T announced, after all the other wireless providers did, that they are offering unlimited data to everyone starting Friday. The new plan is somewhat similar to what Verizon is offering but their first line cost makes them the most expensive of all. With $100 for the first line is truly expensive and each additional line is $40 each, while the 4th line is free.

The Verge is reporting that A&T’s new Unlimited Plan offers unlimited data, calls, and texting, as well as offering HD video. However, their current service Stream Saver forces you to watch standard definition video is on by default. In other words, if you want to watch HD (not sure if it is 720 or 1080p), you will have to switch it.

The new plan does offer a soft data cap of 22GB, like Verizon, which doesn’t throttle your speed but deprioritizes you when the tower gets congested. While the other three companies offer LTE tethering, AT&T will not be offering that option, especially given that they are charging so much for the first line. If you are looking for an unlimited option, AT&T will be the last one you should consider.

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