The Away Team #50: Shades of Gray

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The Away Team kicks off the new year as part of a weekly series schedule. Steven and Adam return from their break discussing the horrible season two finale, “Shades of Gray”. Deemed in some Star Trek circles as the worst episode of the series. With the past two seasons worth of viewing, that says a helluva lot. Some might say that this ranks up there with The Original Series’ “Spock’s Brain.” There are moments in this episode when none of the actors are even trying.

As we bring this season to a close, a programming note is that season three will not start for a couple of weeks. Starting next week, we will be bringing you The Away Team presents: Star Trek Discovery Recap. We will be discussing and reviewing each of the new episode that will conclude season one. After the season finale, The Away Team will return to their normal programming with the first episode of season three. Welcome to 2018.



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