Batman Is Not A Metahuman

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The internet is an interesting place. Earlier this week, we brought up that sentiment based on the whole moustache issue with Justice League reshoot (even though that was not the point of the story) but it seems that users of said internet seem to lose all rationale logic when posting stories. Now, it seems that the internet has lost its mind again with the concept that Batman may be a metahuman.

It seems that in the latest issue of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad #22, Amanda Waller declared Batman a meta and sent out Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Katana and the rest after him and Killer Frost. Since then, the non-faithful have been stabbing their eyes believing that Batman has been a meta this whole time and that DC is rewriting his history. Keep in mind, that would be some major history to rewrite.

Any rational (forgiveness for using that term given we are talking about comic fans) person would read that line Waller said and know that it was a bold-face lie because Waller has an agenda. She always has an agenda. Unfortunately, that does not stop the rabid fanbase (?) from thinking that this is the secret that will be dropped to change the entire DC Universe.

First off, Batman is not a meta. Waller would say anything, even lie (I know, right?) to get to her end game because anyone around her is collateral damage. Not only that, if that was a game-changing moment in DC history, it would be doubtful that DC would drop it in the pages of Suicide Squad and not the main Batman title. The one of many.

Scott Snyder took to Twitter to comment on the issue, by saying he is not a meta.

Eventually, Suicide Squad writer Rob Williams had to weigh in and tell people that they are reading too much into it. Really? Comic fans reading too much into a comic?

At the end of the day, everyone knows Batman was never gifted with any kind of super power. Batman is the DC equivalent of Iron Man. I know, Iron Man came after but you get my point. Batman is a smart vigilante that has major cash and great tech. He is not a meta and should never become one. If he ever does for more than a single-story arc, then we will really be in trouble.


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