Black Panther Trailer Released

The reveal of Marvel Studios’ next comic spectacle went online today. Black Panther, which had a teaser release a couple of months ago, was shown off in their first official trailer. The trailer itself sets up rather quickly just how Wakanda is, their society and the mission of the Black Panther. After the announcement of this movie, and the positive reception of the character in Captain America: Civil War, fans were excited to see a movie that promotes an African-American actor in the lead.

“I never freeze.”

The dynamic set-up for the character and his society was minimal in Civil War. However, the project allowed Ryan Coogler to create his own Wakanda. It is obvious that Coogler is sticking close to the comic origins. It’s an advance city but hidden from the mainstream world. This is a reuniting of Creed director and the film’s baddie played by Michael B. Jordan. This is Jordan’s return to Marvel properties as he was one of the leads in Fox’s lambasted Fantastic Four reboot.

The film, also, features the return of Andy Serkis as Klaw (at least that is his name listed on IMDB) and Martin Freeman as Everett Ross, who did not get enough screen time in Civil War. It will be fun to see this film when it is released in February 2018, which is less than four months away. The music used for the trailer lets you know that this is about to get real. Can’t wait for it. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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