BlackBerry Still Believes In Keyboards

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For the last few years, we at The Lazy Geeks have been calling for the demise of Blackberry for some time. While the brand has been sold for parts, it seems that some companies think there is still some life left in the old bird. TCL, the Chinese company that owns the exclusive right to Blackberry-branded product phones, is releasing a new BlackBerry device this year but they know what you are concerned about.

You guessed it – the keyboard. The four-second video from the company’s North American president Steve Cistulli Twitter account thinks you care more about the keyboard. Not the 1620×1080 resolution, or that it runs Android with some BlackBerry specific customizations like security or the BlackBerry Hub.

It makes a bit of sense since many of the items coming out lately have been focusing on the whole nostalgia thing, but many people that were still getting BlackBerry’s were already on the nostalgia train. It seems that TCL will be showing off this device when CES opens.


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