Bohemian Rhapsody Gets A New Director

It is hard to believe that not too long-ago director Bryan Singer was considered a golden boy. With films like Apt Pupil and The Usual Suspects made him a household name, that boat has seem to have sailed. Singer had been directing the biopic of the rock band Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. After going AWOL after the Thanksgiving break, Fox has fired Singer and replaced him within a few days.

According to Deadline, Fox hasn’t been secret about wanting to replace the director. While some would consider this extreme, this is not the first time Singer has pulled a Claude Raines. According to previous reports, he has done this disappearance for no reason during Superman Returns, X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as this project. He dropped out of sight without informing the studio about his late return.

Eddie the Eagle and Wild Bill director Dexter Fletcher will take over the film for the last two weeks. Production of the film had been suspended until a replacement was found. Singer has taken to social media claiming that he was taking care of a sick parent, which is why he was missing. However, Singer never bothered to reach out to the studio to explain his absence.

Singer had a first-look deal with Fox, but that contract was up in October. Rumored clashes with Rami Malek, unreliability and tension on set could have been the reason for the firing. Not to mention, Fox is looking to sell off its film assets to another studio, they will need to reign in their productions. Also, they need to keep projects on target and on budget.

Whether Bryan Singer looses directing credit seems unlikely. However, if Singer petitions to have his name removed could be another story. We have seen original director’s credit remain after replacements on films like World War Z, Justice League, and Rogue One. If Fletcher decides to reshoot a good portion of the film, that could cause him to have his credit on the film. Although, with a release date of December 2018, that will seem unlikely.