Bounce’s Brown Sugar Comes To Apple TV

Culture-specific entertainment has been on the rise as of late. Not only on cable services but as standalone streaming services. The newest service is Bounce’s Brown Sugar and it has come to Apple TV. Now, Apple TV is the latest to offer support for the channel, as many other devices, including iOS devices, already support the service. So, you could say they are a bit late to the part.

Engadget is reporting that the service will allow you to streaming classic African-American movies like Foxy BrownShaft and Pride, documentaries (such as the LeBron James bio More than a Game) and full seasons of Bounce’s own TV shows, including access to Premier Boxing Champions. The service is a collection of movies and TV shows that star or are created by African-Americans.

As I mentioned earlier, it has support on many other devices like Android, iOS devices, Amazon’s Fire TV, Chromecast. The service is inexpensive for those interested. You can get a seven-day free trial and once that trial is over, you can spend $4 a month. Especially after our conversation on our podcast this week about the cost of cord-cutting, this makes a nice add-on to any services you may already own.



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