Bulging Issues Arise With iPhone 8 Plus

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Judging by the lines for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, not many people picked it up. However, it seems there are reports that some users are having a bulging experience. Bulging issues arise with iPhone 8 Plus. Even though they have not been available for very long, some users are not happy.  A Japanese owner of the iPhone 8 Plus claims it had arrived faulty.

The tech site ifeng released images of another report from a Taiwanese owner. The owner claimed that the front panel of the iPhone 8 Plus began to bulge when charging. The owner claims that they used the supplied cable and plug adapter. The owner claims the incident occurred after five days of ownership. It was sent back to the original carrier and is being investigated by Apple.

The Japanese owner tweeted out his photo of the iPhone 8 Plus.

However, the difference with this device is that the owner claims it arrived defective. Bulging and cracking on the front panel, Apple claims they are unaware of this issue occurring on both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Ars Technica sites that Apple will verify that the issue stems from Apple’s end. However, users will claim to be using the supplied cable but if they used third-party cables would invalidate their claim. Apple has had a few experiences with their devices are rendered useless due to third-party peripherals. With any device, you should always use official charging cables.

That is not to say that issues like this have never occurred with Apple. They have experienced issues with their Apple Watch’s batteries. The original iPhone Plus models were prone to unusual bending. However, if this is the extend of the issues, it will quickly fade.