Chapter 2 of Star Trek Discovery Premieres in January

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One of the most annoying things about serialized television nowadays, if the split-up seasons. Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, and others know that pain. The only reason I see for it is during the holiday season when network shows do that to prevent low ratings. You know, because people are doing holiday things and stuff. Star Trek Discovery didn’t need to drop in September, but they are hoping to keep fans on their service a little bit longer.

As we mention on this week’s The Away Team, we mention that this Sunday is the winter finale episode of Star Trek Discovery. “Into the Forest I Go” has the crew gearing up for a major battle with the Klingons. However, the announcement of the ‘Chapter 2’ gave us a new title and summary. It would seem they are going the Voyager route.

According to CBS, the crew of Discovery will find themselves in “unfamiliar territory” and will have to find a creative way to return home. Obviously, the crew makes it through the fight. It would seem to tie in the behavioral changes to Stanent and must be out of commission to get them home.  The new chapter will begin a week earlier than we reported. ‘Chapter 2’ will debut on January 7th and air the remaining six episodes.

The series will run through February 11. After that, it is anyone’s guess as to when they will come back. Earlier reports claim that it could come back in 2019 or even late 2018. The renewal came just a couple of weeks ago, so production has not even begun.