The Cheap Seats #18: Game of Death

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The guys have made it through 1979 and conclude the year with Game of Death. The classic Bruce Lee film that he never got to finish due to his death. Changing the story, and adding some bad doubles, Bruce Lee fights a mob boss that tried to have him killed. Oh, it’s a pretty awesome watch.






“Split in Synapse” Kevin MacLeod (

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One comment
  1. you know you both fucked up, right.
    how you gonna say that “Game of Death” reminds you
    of video games and not mention the NES classic “Kung Fu”?

    yall fucked up.
    yall fucked up all the way.
    this is the quintessential example that should have been presented.

    anyway, the part of the trailer that had Bruce Lee’s face repeating over and over while he screamed was so dope it’s disgusting.

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