The Cheap Seats Rewind: The Star Wars Holiday Special

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For this special Christmas release, we are releasing the forsaken (banished) Star Wars special that was deleted from canon: The Star Wars Holiday Special. Personally, if all those Star Wars: The Last Jedi douchebags would watch this, they would appreciate the beauty of that film. However, we take a trip back to 2016 to check out the long hard-to-find Star Wars Christmas Special that was released shortly after the release of the original 1977 film.

With most of the main cast returning, it is confusing as to what they were thinking. George Lucas. to his credit, didn’t create the special, but it is suspect as to how much control he wielded over the production. If you haven’t seen the special, you can find it on YouTube, but you don’t need to. We spare you that misery. Enjoy this special Rewind for the Holidays.

Remember, The Lazy Geeks Rewind will be dropping on Friday as will it on Monday. Next Friday, you will get our final Just Another Podcast on the Friday afterwards. We hope you guys have a very special and safe holiday season. We will see you back in the new year.


Take this as our Christmas present to you!





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