Christopher Plummer Recasts Kevin Spacey in All The Money In The World

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It is amazing what a couple of days makes. Much like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey has been having some rather impressive two weeks, but he’s managed to ostracize almost everyone in Hollywood. After it was announced last week that Ridley Scott’s film All The Money In The World would make its December 22nd release date, it will with one major change.

In a unified front, according to Deadline, the cast, crew, Sony Pictures, Mark Wahlberg, and Michelle Williams have agreed to recast the role of J. Paul Getty. Christopher Plummer has been cast and will go under immediate reshoots of Kevin Spacey’s scenes. According to the site, it comes on the heels of pulling the film from closing out the AFI Festival.


Imperative Entertainment’s Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas spent the weekend in a back and forth about the film’s future. According to the site, they were “incensed” about the allegations that would certainly doom the film. A film that had predictions of Academy Award chances for Williams and Spacey. Not to mention, Scott had dropped everything to direct this film.

In regards to the reshoots, Spacey had only worked eight to ten days on the film. While his role is significantly smaller, the character has a large presence. The more interesting questions are with the debut slated for more than a month, will they be able to get reshoots done to make the pre-planned December 22nd date?

The film has too much money and star-power to pull it completely. With Ridley Scott directing, the production company would not want to take that much of a loss on it. However, knowing that Spacey was part of the film, would that still hurt the film’s chances in the Oscar race? Will people still go to see it with Plummer in the role? It will be interesting if they can reach the originally planned release date first.