Classic Voltron Lego Set Coming Soon

As a kid, there was nothing more exciting when you got a Lego set of your favorite (insert name here) and was able to build it and then use it. I had many of the early Lego sets as well as some Star Wars toys and whatever I could get my hands on. Nowadays, you literally have to think it, build it and with 10,000 signatures Lego will accept it and mass produce your dream. So those dreaming of a Voltron Lego set, start saving your money.

Lego has just approved a Voltron Lego set built and designed by len_d69, which was submitted a year ago. Earlier this year, the project managed to acquire the 10,000 votes needed to even be considered. On August 3rd, Lego announced that the project was approved and will go into production. You can check out the page here but we have some of the submission photos below.

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Some of the basic info is:

There are basically five separate lions in the set, each having their own unique articulation. They can be played with individually or as one big robot.

1) Black Lion – Forms the head and the body
2) Red and Green Lions – Form the arms
3) Blue and Yellow Lions – Form the legs

When combined, they form Voltron which stands around 16 inches in height and weighs close to 1kg. No date as to when it will be available but we can safely assume sometime next year. You can bet that I will be saving money now. This will be mine.


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