Comic Cover Preview: Doomsday Clock #1

If you have been reading DC Comics since the launch of Rebirth, which was designed to bring in the past and present incarnations of the comic together, then you are waiting for November to see what happens when the Doomsday Clock begins. It has been teased for a while, but with all the excitement over the eclipse yesterday, you may have missed out on the first cover of the series.

Twitter was the platform which revealed the first two covers of the first issue. Geoff Johns, series writer and DC Entertainment chief creative officer, dropped the covers.

As you can see in the first cover, it seems that Superman is being put together by watch pieces and what looks like Doctor Manhattan in the background. This would seem to nearly confirm the fan theory that Manhattan himself was behind the “New 52” universe and is the reason the “Rebirth” series is their way to explain the combining of both universes.

As you can see in the second cover, you can see the direct homage to the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Watchman series. The colors are more browns and reds that dominated the original series and the distinctly different artistic design of the people that are holding the sign, “The End Is Near.”

“Thematically, and metaphorically, there was no better choice than to use Doctor Manhattan,” Johns said. “If you’re going to have a conflict between optimism and pessimism, a battle between the very forces of hope and despair, you need to have someone who personifies the cynicism that has leaked into our hearts and also has the ability to affect the entire DCU. It’s all paying off this November with Doomsday Clock.”

Doomsday Clock is a story for fans who love the DC Universe and Watchmen and want to see what a master of this genre creates when he puts them together,” Gary Frank said of his work on the project. “As for my artistic approach to the series, each panel is extremely detailed and I am constantly thinking through the position of every single element.”

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