Comic Preview: Marvel Legacy #1

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Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic’s plans for Marvel Legacy #1 seems to be more like Marvel’s version of “Rebirth” than anything else. The 50-page one-shot is promising to tell the “origin of the Marvel Universe” and underscore how the whole universe is “all connected”. Just don’t say anything to their cinematic and television universe.

Aaron tweeted out late last week the first of the 50-page one-shot, which shows Mjolnir, Thor’s powerful hammer, on a primitive Earth.

What this has to do with the main story remains to be seen. CBR wants you to know that this is Mjolnir and not a facsimile. Seeing cavemen try to raise it is not only funny but interesting. We know none will lift it as it has nothing to do with strength but simply being worthy.

We will probably get some more pages dropped in the coming weeks as Marvel Legacy #1 is slated to arrive in stores on September 27, 2017.