Constantine Coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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n Saturday, we mentioned that an animated Constantine series was coming to the CW Seed app next year. Not only that, but it seems that Matt Ryan will be reprising his role in a live-action stint on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this season. reported the news after Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer told Rotten Tomatoes that Constantine will be performing an exorcism on the show. Obviously, this is a way to cross-promote the new animated series with the fans of the live-action series. However, the length of his tenure on the series has not been revealed. Meaning, will he simply be on the show for one episode, like in Arrow, or possibly a couple of episodes.

What exactly will bring John Constantine into the world of the Legends? It has been hinted that a supernatural threat will be the main baddie this season. Since Constantine did help out White Canary in Arrow, it would be fitting that she could be the reason he is asked. That may, also, mean that someone on the team could be possessed.

In related news, during the New York Comic Con, a sneak preview of the upcoming Constantine animated series was released on Sunday. You can see that his character is pretty much as you would expect him to be. Notably, the series would seem to be more bloody than you would see on either NBC or the CW. While Constantine has very little to do in the scene, you can see that he is not above anything. It will be great to see Matt Ryan returning as the character.