Cult of the Fanboy Podcast #13: So It’s Time…

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This is a double-whammy. Not only is this the second original weekly podcast but this is the final episode of The Cult of the Fanboy Podcast. Doing a rumor podcast showed us one thing – basically all the rumors are the same. However, the podcast that will be replacing this one in October will be great fun. So join us as we say goodbye to this show and talk about some rumors.

Topics: explanation of the Batman v Superman date change, George Romero on Man of Steel 2, Nintendo to make movies, Tarkin coming to Rogue One and George Martin believes Game of Thrones will end on HBO before he finishes the book series.


Random Roundtable

Announce this finale episode

Announce the movie for The Cheap Seats: Mortal Kombat

BvS Schedule Shift Explained



Steven: George Romero To Direct MOS2

Adam: Nintendo Movies

Steven: Tarkin May Be Returning To Star Wars: Rogue One

Adam: Martin says GoT show will end before he can finish last book



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  1. i understand that the show didn’t go as well as planned, but i would love to have a random episode of “Cult of the Fanboy” once or twice a year.
    i enjoy listening to you guys shoot the shit.

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