David Bradley Returning As The First Doctor In Audio Plays

David Bradley has been an English character actor for many years. He has been in many films from Harry Potter to Captain America: The First Avenger. Four years ago, he entered the Doctor Who universe recreating the first Doctor in the film, An Adventure in Space and Time that was made to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the franchise. He is slated to return in the upcoming Christmas Special with retiring Peter Capaldi but he will not stop there.

Big Finish is popular for bringing back Whovians (including Doctors) to continue on their adventures in audio plays. Recently John Barrowman returned for new adventures of Torchwood and Paul McGann returning for new adventures of the Eighth Doctor. This time, they are bringing David Bradley to create new adventures of the first Doctor.

Being released in January of 2018, a couple of weeks after the televised airing of the Christmas Special, the first set “The Destination Wars” by Matt Fitton and “The Great White Hurricane” by Guy Adams. The second set of two (“The Invention of Death” by John Dorney and “The Barbarians and the Samurai” by Andrew Smith) will drop in July.

Bradley’s Doctor will not be the only one returning, his companions Ian, Barbara, and his granddaughter Susan will accompany him on this adventure. However, they will be played by Jamie Glover, Jemma Powell, and Claudia Grant, respectively, who also played actors original William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, and Carole Ann Ford in An Adventure in Space and Time.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, then you will be excited about this development. Also, if you have not seen that original movie, An Adventure in Space and Time, you are doing yourself a disservice and cannot call yourself a true Doctor Who fan.


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