DC Films Shake-Up Happening At Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is looking to do some retooling of their super hero franchise, if the report by Variety is correct. Earlier reports expected this to not be their problem since Warner Bros. was expected to be under AT&T’s ownership by now. However, that has been delayed and Warner Bros. needs to make some major moves to continue their franchise. DC Films will be going under some restructuring next month.

Jon Berg, which was appointed to be Geoff Johns’ right-hand man, will be leaving his current job. The site is citing several sources that he will move to be a production partner with Roy Lee, the producer of The Lego Movie and It.

“This is something that Jon approached me about six months ago, and he expressed his goal was to ultimately be a producer at the studio,” Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich said in a statement to Variety. “I first met Jon when, as a producer, he brought ‘Elf’ to New Line, which remains one of the best and most evergreen titles in the library. We’re thrilled that Jon is partnering with Roy and anticipate their company being a valuable source of movies for Warner Bros. and New Line.”

Berg’s successor will be named later. Another move will integrate the DC film operations under the main Warner Bros. arm. This will require the divisions to be moved into the same building rather than having a separate building on the lot. Warner Bros. decision is nothing different than what Fox or Sony does with their comic properties. Marvel, having proven themselves, is autonomous from Disney.

The dramatic decision to shift their focus comes off the heels of Justice League’s less-than-stellar performance at the box office. While many critics had a displaced hatred for the film, Justice League was the answer that critics wanted after the tone of BvS and Man of Steel.

Warner Bros. is still committed to their built-in comic franchise, which makes complete sense. With Aquaman completed principal production, Flashpoint is looking to be their way of restarting their film franchise. The article is pointing that Aquaman will be appearing in the film, as will Ben Affleck’s Batman. Wonder Woman has already been rumored to be appearing in the film.

Unfortunately, it seems that Affleck’s future in the DC Universe is coming to a close. The report indicates that this will be Affleck’s final bow as the caped crusader, which would make sense. It was a conclusion that we mentioned long ago that if these series of movies went south, they always had a back-up plan of making Flashpoint as a way to reset the clock. However, we never thought that it would happen so soon.