DC’s Doomsday Clock Shifts to Bi-Monthly

With the third issue of Doomsday Clock hitting the shelves this past Wednesday, it seems that it is going to take a bit longer for everyone to get the complete series. Originally billed as a 12-issue event, which would have gone over the course of 2018, it seems that it will go into 2019 as it was officially confirmed that the series is going on a bi-monthly schedule.

“We’re shifting to bi-monthly,” Geoff Johns made a tweet announcement. “I know how disappointing that is, truly. We are trying our best work with 32 pages an issue and going down to 20 pages a month was not an option for us.”

The series was being written by Johns and illustrated by artist Gray Frank. Johns, Frank and DC Comics had a decision to make. They would continue doing 32-page issues but would have to go on a bi-monthly schedule. The other option was to reduce the pages per book to make the monthly schedule. They all deemed it worthy that it would be better served to go with the complete story on a bi-monthly schedule.

“The truth is,” Johns answered a tweet from a fan. “It grew in complexity and size as we started the series. 32 pages a month is 1 1/2 comics a month, and it’s hard for Gary and I to pull that off even though, I promise you, we are always working on it. Apologies again, truly. We really are giving it our all.”

While most fans in the Twitterverse questioned the decision, Johns took time to answer fans. Many fans, like myself, took it in stride and know delays are par for the course in comics. It will be one of those series that fans will be marking off the days until the next issue is released. So, how many days until March?