Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer

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Rumors had been swirling around that there would be something regarding Deadpool in the upcoming Logan film. Saturday morning, the films star, Ryan Reynolds, released the first teaser trailer for the film that is slated for next year. This is definitely a “not suitable for work” trailer but his hilarious that you need to listen to it with the audio.

Not only is it hilarious that Wade is trying to be the good guy but some of the extra stuff around him is pretty hilarious. If you noticed on the theater marquee it mentions Logan is playing, as well as a slightly out of focus version of the movie poster. When Wade emerges from the phone booth, you see posters of the defunct series Firefly plastered on the wall behind him. The biggest laugh moment was the Superman theme playing as Wade rushing into the phone booth.

It was definitely the perfect way to start off your Saturday.