Disney Has Prevented Agents of SHIELD From Being Cancelled

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Marvel Studios has had some trouble making inroads on network television. With Netflix series’ have been getting mostly critical and fan acclaim (aside from the negative reaction from Iron Fist), same can’t be said for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. In the heyday of the original Avengers movie release, Marvel Studios developed a TV show with the moniker “it’s all connected.” It seems Disney has prevented Agents of SHIELD from being cancelled.

Variety is reporting that Marvel’s Inhumans has been a sore spot for the company recently, Agents of SHIELD has been one for a while. According to the report, a mandate has come down from Disney to ABC that it is to renew the series for a fifth season. Obviously, ABC is owned by Disney that it makes sense that they could stand in the way of a series being cancelled.

What is the problem?

However, unlike DC’s Arrowverse, Marvel has not had as much luck creating a Marvel television universe. While Agents of SHIELD started off promising, it quickly became a villain of the season and remained outside the main Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, showing that it is not all connected. Primarily, because the television and film properties are managed by two different units and neither of them get along.

Marvel tried to expand the franchise with Agent Carter, but it failed to pull in a big enough crowd. Since then, Agents of SHIELD is the only Marvel property on network television. With the critical lambasting Marvel’s Inhumans has received, it is doubtful that a second season of the show is coming.

In the end, Marvel has had some issues trying to make a strong television ecosystem. Marvel may be dominating the film universe, DC is dominating the television universe. Given who has been in charge of Marvel television, it is time for a change. Either allow them to crossover or not, but do not misled the audience into thinking it may happen. After the recent viewing of Inhumans, I will stick with the CW for television.