Disney To Launch Its Own Streaming Service

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It just seemed that we were reaping the rewards of Disney releasing their content on Netflix. Although the deal between Disney and Netflix was struck back in 2012, it seems that we just started seeing their content emerge on Netflix this year. Unfortunately, it looks like we will have only another eighteen months before they are off the service, since Disney is going to try its hand at its own streaming service.

In a earnings call on Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that they will discontinue their deal with an Netflix to start their own service in 2019. The news does not come as a surprise when you hear that they purchased BAMTech, a streaming technology company owned by Major League Baseball for $1.58 billion, according to Collider. It seems Disney plans to make use of that by not only launching its own streaming service but will offer a ESPN streaming service as well.

While many on the internet are crying because they don’t know what to make of the deal, it makes perfect sense. The surprising aspect of the Disney-Netflix deal is that it even happened in the first place. Keep in mind, it was only for new content that would become available on the service, it made no deal for older content. Meaning that the original Star Wars trilogy, previous Marvel movies or the Toy Story trilogy would appear on Netflix.

Disney will be able to run their own service given they own everything Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and The Muppets. They will have enough content to fill a streaming service and with their extensive catalogue it will be enough for people to sign up. The ESPN aspect makes even more sense.

With ESPN costing more for cable providers to carry, it would seem that Disney is looking to pick up those sports fans that are or thinking about cutting the cord. This would increase their revenue regardless of what people decide to do.

We have not had a great impact of Disney coming to Netflix since we only have Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, The Jungle Book, Inside Out, Moana and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story it doesn’t seem like such a loss. The only one who would lose out are Pixar and Marvel fans. However, if they loved those properties, they most likely purchased it anyway.