Disney Looking to Reboot Tron with Jared Leto

Depending on which side of the fence you come down on, this is a good news/bad news thing: Disney is planning to reboot the Tron franchise and Jared Leto is being circling to star in the film. Like I said, depends on how you look at it. The Hollywood Reporter posted this, what can only be perceived as a rumor, on Friday.

This could end up being nothing given that this is in an exploratory stage with no filmmaker involved. The site is reporting that it is not directly set as a sequel from the original movies but could be using a core from a rejected Tron 3 script. Justin Springer is set to produce, which he co-produced Tron: Legacy. Leto and his producing partner, Emma Ludbrook, would be involved somehow if it moved forward.

The reason this is a rumor is simple: Disney pulled the plug on a Tron 3 sequel nearly two years ago. The film was given too many start and stops with Legacy and there was some minor interest in continuing the storyline, which would not have been the case if Legacy was a bigger hit.

Disney had been trying really hard to get a sci-fi franchise going but was never able to make it happen. That was all before they purchased Lucasfilm and created a built-in franchise for them. Now, if Disney is truly interested, they can take some time to see if this is worth doing again. Although, in an age of reboots and sequels, they may be willing to go back to the gaming grid again.

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