It Dominates The Weekend Box Office

It was not a forgone conclusion that It would dominate the box office. It may have surprised people by just how much it would. Box Office Mojo is estimating that the film would bring in $117 million during its opening weekend. Some estimates were not as conservation, putting the total weekend haul up at around $120 to $125 million when the actual count is completed.

This could have been a hugely disappointing weekend for the film, especially since many of the theaters in the state of Florida were closed due to Hurricane Irma. However, when you think about it, imagine how much higher the box office would be if the hurricane stayed out of the state.

The site is reporting that It is the highest September premiere, a fall release and an R-rated horror film. Currently, it is the fifth-highest grossing R-rated horror film after only three days and is poised to beat out The Blair Witch Project. Now, if it has some staying power, it could take out Get Out and The Exorcist but that will depend on word of mouth and second week performance.

The box office needed this shot in the arm after the poor box office performance since the mid-nineties. What this simply shows is that when there is something people want to see, they will go to the movies. However, if there isn’t… Well, you draw your own conclusions.

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