Doomsday Clock #2 Cover Teased

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On Monday morning, Geoff Johns tweeted some images from the two covers for DC Comic’s upcoming event, the highly anticipated Doomsday Clock. While the original covers that were released last month were grander in centering on the two main characters of the series, Dr. Manhattan and Superman, these covers are a bit more ominous.

The artwork for the covers are Gary Frank but you can see a heavily influence from the original Watchmen series artist Dave Gibbons. The first issue is a bit interesting. It would seem that there is a uniform, costume of some sort, or even possibly two outfits together.

The second cover features Lex Luthor, who seems to be upset or distraught of some sort, and he is staring down at the Comedian’s pin. This would raise another question: how did he come in contact with it? Last, we know, it was still sitting in Batman’s cave after Rebirth and the Batman and Flash crossover earlier this year.


The one thing we can take away from these covers is the traces of Adrian Veidt in both covers. That means either Veidt or his alter-ego Ozymandias have something to do with the second issue. In the first cover, we see the Nostalgia logo on some of the cosmetics, which was Veidt’s line in the Watchman series.

On Lex’s shoulder, we see the gauntlet of Ozymandias. It is fair to say that Adrian will have a major role in the upcoming second issue. It would be interesting to see how this all comes together in the series. Not to mention, how this all ties up the rebirth series.

Doomsday Clock #1 is scheduled for release on Nov. 22. Issue 2 arrives in late December. This will be Geoff Johns’ first foray into comics since last year’s DC Universe Rebirth #1; he will be joined on the project by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.