EA Drops Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

For those of you that scoop in on leaked trailer, you most likely saw the leaked trailer of the upcoming EA game Star Wars: Battlefront II. However, earlier on Saturday at Star Wars Celebration, EA dropped the teaser trailer for the upcoming game that is slated to launch later this year. While no date has been announced, we can imagine that it will come out about a month before the next movie hits theaters, much like the previous game did with The Force Awakens.

Judging by the trailer, it seems that EA is making up for the lack of a single-player campaign in the original game. The company themselves said that they had to make sacrifices to the first game to make the deadline and the single-player was the result of that crunch deadline. However, it seems that the company is making it up in a huge way.

This campaign, in a first, will focus on you playing as part of the Empire. You will play as an elite TIE Fighter pilot that vows revenge on the rebellion after the destruction of the second Death Star above the moon of Endor.

They teased the multiplayer aspect that will feature characters like Darth Maul, Rey and Kylo Ren. The games seem to be heading into a darker area of the Star Wars Universe and pushes the boundaries of our fandom, especially after the darker success of Rogue One, it seems that fans are up for darker sides of our bright childhood.


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