Episode IX Release Date Moves to December 2019

News dropped early yesterday that J.J. Abrams will be returning to the Star Wars director chair, vacated by Colin Trevorrow. Initial reports had not expressed any desire by Disney to change the release date from May 2019, which had originally been changed from their December 2019 release date. Well, that did not last long.

Late in the afternoon, yesterday, it was announced (via their Twitter account) that Star Wars: Episode IX would be moving back to its original December 20, 2019. Now, the original release date was expected due to the fact that the previous two Star Wars films would have a December release date. However, they announced it would fall in May.

It is pretty much expected that since the film seems to be going back to step one, they would need the time to get the new script written and prep time of an additional seven months was needed. This is normally expected but even with the change in directors, no one expected a complete page one rewrite.

With the move, that puts the other studios in an awkward position because no one wants to be the movie to open against Star Wars in that same weekend. It is already busy with Wonder Woman 2 slated for December 13, 2019, which may stay the same. A live-action Untitled Disney Fairy Tale #2 was expected to be released on that date, but expect that to change.  Universal’s Wicked musical movie, Sony/Columbia currently has their Masters of the Universe re-do set for Wednesday, December 18, 2019 along with an untitled installment in the Sony Pictures Animation franchise set for Christmas Day.

Expect changes by a week or so. Even maybe into January.

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