Fan Enacted Vader’s Rogue One Scene At Star Wars Celebration

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It was kind of difficult to find anything that wasn’t Star Wars related this past weekend. Between all the tributes and trailers, it is something to be there in person. While the internet allows fans to watch the panels, sometimes things happen on the convention floor that make you wish you were there. Not only that, it gives you the fun experience that everyone has at these conventions. Like these guys that managed to recreate that infamous scene from Rogue One.

The Nerdist shared a Twitter video  from Star Wars Celebration Orlando about a group of cosplayers that wanted to keep the experience real. They recreated the final Vader scene from the last film released in the franchise, when he struck down a hallway of Rebel soldiers who were trying to transport the Death Star plans to safety. You know that one scene that made fans love that first “standalone” movie.

While some people may eye roll this video, this is one of the reasons why people go to these conventions. It isn’t just to see panels and look at all the cool stuff being sold. It is to see a group of people that love something as much as you doing something very cool. If you enjoy this video cool, if you don’t then you just don’t get it. At all.