Finale Justice League Trailer Arrives

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As many of you heard (or seen) the final Justice League trailer hit the web today. The movie is about a month out from release and we notice a difference. Compare this trailer to the earlier versions with Zack Snyder behind the camera. This is the first trailer with Joss Whedon at the helm, who took over during the summer reshoots. There is a noticeable difference.

Most of all, the color has changed. There are many scenes that were shown in earlier versions with a night (or dark sky). However, it seems that Whedon has changed them to more of an orange landscape. It seems more alien than what we saw in the original trailers. The overall tone of the movie went from trying to be humorous, which was in contrast to the BvS movie, to hopeful.

Whedon’s trailer created more of a colorful landscape so we can see our heroes, but hopeful. The rise of the Justice League to attack this alien threat. The formation of a team that can handle the threat that Superman would have been able to. It had more mood, which is what Snyder originally created, but it had a bit more freedom than the Marvel films he did.

It will be interesting to see the completed version of the film and compare it to earlier trailers. Gone was most of the humor that we saw originally, but the storyline gave viewers a grave threat. Also, the opening scene of Lois and Clark was a nice nod to the original Donner Superman movie. The movie will arrive in theaters in November.