GameStop To Have Some Nintendo Switch Consoles On Launch Day

As launch day for the Nintendo Switch is a little more than a week away, it seems that GameStop retail stores may have some consoles on hand for people that did not pre-order the device. Before you start planning on grabbing one on launch day, you better remember that this is Nintendo and that your odds of grabbing one is slim – at best.

Polygon is reporting that GameStop stores will have a “limited supply” the company announced on Wednesday. “Customers who were not able to pre-order the system are encouraged to attend GameStop’s midnight launch events,” GameStop said in a news release.

GameStop announced that it will sell two different Switch bundles on its website. Keep in mind that neither of the bundles will save you any money, but they will offer you general upsell items that are easier to sell in a bundle than simply asking you in the store.

  • Bundle 1: Nintendo Switch + Switch Pro Controller + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – $429.99
  • Bundle 2: Bundle 1 + Piggyback’s official guide to Breath of the Wild – $454.99

As of this post, there is no news as to when the bundles will be offered on their website, but best bets would be on launch day.

If you have not been able to pre-order your Switch, the odds of you getting one on launch is slim. Given how many NES Minis were released (which in some locations were in the single digits), this could mean that if you are the fourth person in the door to pick on up expect to hear we are sold out. If you are planning on trying this, best of luck to you.

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