GameStop “Pause” Their Power Pass Program

It was literally two weeks ago when GameStop announced their Power Pass program. It was slated to begin this past Monday but that all but changed. According to The Verge, GameStop was supposed to have a full launch on November 19 but they have decided to put a “temporary pause” on the rollout of the new service.

The company has not revealed a full reason for the halt. However, citing Kotaku, GameStop sources claim that the issues lie in their point-of-sale system. More like, their current system is not able to handle the new rental program.

This was going to be a service that would be gifted to friends, which will impact their holiday sales. Anyone who already purchased the Power Pass program will receive a full refund plus an additional used game for their troubles. There is no news as to when or if the service will return in the future.

The original idea was that you would pay $60 for a six-month period. You would be allowed to rent any used game you wish. Play through it and exchange it for another. At the end of the six-month period, you would be allowed to keep one of the games you rented during that time.

It is unfortunate for GameStop that they are halted due to a point-of-sale issue. However, depending on how problematic the issue it, I could see it returning sometime in the new year. Although, the retailer would have hoped to cash in on the holiday season for people to gift them. If you were a constant gamer, this would have been a good deal for you. I guess it is all a wait and see issue now.