Geek in the Life #18: Beginning of the End

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The guys are back for their final episode of Geek in the Life. The guys talk about the failure of the Fantastic Four and what are the odds of PornHub being successful going to a paid service. Adam goes into details about his family D&D game, as well as some Konami discussion. File that last one under the heading: You Think You Hate Your Job.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of you that tuned into this monthly podcast. The reason for its demise is simple: lowest downloaded show as well as it did not turn out the way we had initially planned it to be. However, you never know what works unless you try. Check it out and listen to our final show with this banner. Thanks.


Random Roundtable:


So… That Fantastic Four movie, huh!

PornHub going subscription based?



What Are We…



Adam: Nothing. D&D Planning

Steven: Nothing



Adam: Ready Player One





Steven: Konami Working Conditions



Other info:

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One comment
  1. Great episode, i struggle to find time to work on my passions as well.

    RIP Geek in the Life…perhaps it shall be reborn.
    long live The Away Team.

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